Sikh Wedding Cards Things to Consider

Sikh Wedding Cards Things to Consider
Sikh Wedding Cards Things to Consider

Popularity is known as Anand Karaj, the history of Sikh marriage ceremonies traces its roots back to the era of Amar Das (1479-1574 AD), a Sikh Guru. It is said that he composed a lengthy hymn (known as Anand) of 40 stanzas. This hymn is usually sung during almost all religious ceremonies. Here we talk about the various things you must keep in mind while finalizing Sikh wedding cards.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh weddings are known for the various festivities associated with them. The specialty of Sikh wedding cards is that you can choose to have different cards for different occasions.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Sikh weddings have a number of rituals that are followed before the actual wedding ceremony. Keeping in mind the importance and variety of the rituals, you can choose to have a pre-wedding invite for functions, such as Roka, Shri Akhand Path, and Sagai. For instance, Sagai (also known as mangni) is actually the ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange rings and get engaged. Although some families like to keep this ceremony private, you can make your family members feel special by giving away invitation cards for this occasion.

Wedding Rituals

After the series of pre-wedding rituals, comes the gala event. The wedding ceremony starts with a shagun ceremony, where the groom's family is bestowed with precious and memorable gifts and sweets by the bride's family. This ritual is followed by another vital event, the chunni, in which the groom's family (especially the ladies) adorns the bride with a red dupatta (veil).

The groom's family welcomes the bride-to-be by showering her with gifts and adorning her with make-up, sindoor, jewelry, bangles, bindi, and a beautiful dupatta. While getting your Sikh wedding cards printed, you can think about including the details of these rituals as well. This helps you to share the vital details of the event with your guests.

Post-Wedding Rituals

The ritual and ceremonies don't finish with the wedding. Once the wedding itself is over, there are a few more rituals that need to be taken care of. For instance, the vidaai or the doli ceremony, where the bride's family bids her a (usually teary) farewell. This ceremony marks the end of the wedding rituals. A bit of an emotional affair, this is the ceremony in which the bride finally leaves behind her paternal home and goes to live with her husband's family and thus starts a new life. Although not necessary, nowadays there are families that like to hold a small get-together after the marriage. This reception ceremony is usually held to introduce the new bride to the husband's family, friends and community.

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